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About Us

Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing with the Power of AI

At OPUS Pro Marketing, we're revolutionizing digital marketing with groundbreaking AI technology. Experience innovation that amplifies engagement, skyrockets conversions, and takes your business to new heights. Embrace the future with us—where extraordinary results await!

Run your business from one platform

Replace all other platforms and tools with one software that does it all.


Websites & Sales Funnels

Create websites in minutes with our library of templates that are ready to go.


Invoices & Receive Payments

Charge customers via sms or text with stripe, or paypal.


Appointments & Calendars

Scedule client appointments and manage your calendar


SMS & Email Marketing

Drive results with custom

email & SMS campaigns.


Pipelines & Sales Deals

Streamline sales with tools to manage your pipeline efficiently


Courses & Communities

Create engaging courses and build vibrant communities.


E-commerce Stores

Quickly launch and manage your online store with ease.


Client Forms & Surveys

Easily create custom forms

and surveys to engage clients.

Avoid Losing Sales While You're Away

Missed a call from a client? Our missed call text back captures leads for you, even when you're busy.

Make Your Website In Just 3 clicks

Create stunning websites & turn clicks into clients.

Get paid without any hassle in just 4 clicks.

Need a secure way to request and receive payments? Send quick invoices to clients via text or email. We integrate with Stripe and PayPal which means secure payments straight to your bank account.

Easier For Leads

To Become Clients

Create highly-engaging forms that get clients to get in contact with you.

Build An Audience And Get Paid For It

Have a loyal following?

Offer courses & memberships for added value to your community.

Ai-Powered Services we Offer

Great Individually, Even Better Combined!


Social Media Marketing

Enhance your local business' outreach with our AI-driven social media marketing solutions


Reputation Management

Monitor online reviews, manage customer feedback, and use AI-powered tools to improve ranking

Web Development and

Conversion Optimization

Improve your online presence with a custom website designed to appeal to local markets

AI-Driven Chat for

Appointment Booking

Enhance your booking process and increase sales with our AI-driven chat solutions


Lead Generation Accelerator

Exclusive Offer

Due to the Complexity of this Program, we offer limited Enrollment.

we only have 3 spots Available!

Turn Potential Customers into Loyal Clients

Effective lead generation is the cornerstone of business growth. The Lead Generation Accelerator from Opus Pro Marketing helps you attract, capture, and convert leads efficiently, ensuring a steady stream of new customers.

What’s Included:

• Targeted Advertising Campaigns:

Reach your ideal customers with precision. We design and manage targeted advertising campaigns across various platforms, including Google Ads and social media, to drive high-quality traffic to your site.

• Landing Page Creation: Maximize conversions with optimized landing pages. Our team creates high-converting landing pages tailored to your campaigns, ensuring that visitors are more likely to take the desired action.

Email Marketing: Nurture your leads with personalized email campaigns. We develop and execute email marketing strategies that keep your prospects engaged and move them down the sales funnel.

All Your Communication

In One Location

Tired of juggling different platforms to talk with clients?

Reply to your Facebook messages, Instagram DMs, SMS, WhatsApp conversations, and Emails from one integrated inbox. Never let a prospect slip through the cracks again.


360° Advertising

Revolutionize Your Social Media Marketing

Use the Power of A.I. Across All Your Social Media Channels

Introducing OMNI360, the all-in-one AI-powered marketing solution designed to elevate your social media advertising strategy. OMNI360 simplifies and amplifies your marketing efforts across multiple social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more.

With OMNI360, you can create, manage, and optimize your advertising campaigns effortlessly. Our advanced AI algorithms analyze your target audience, craft compelling ad creatives, and fine-tune your campaigns for maximum reach and engagement. Say goodbye to the complexities of multi-platform marketing and hello to a streamlined, data-driven approach that ensures your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

Run Your Business, On Autopilot.

Sending appointment reminders, get more Google reviews & more. Our workflow builder eliminates tedious manual tasks. Takes the heavy lifting off your shoulders.


Connects with the tools you're already using

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OPUS Pro offers three distinct pricing plans tailored to meet various needs and budgets. Choose from our Essential Plan for core features, the Professional Plan for advanced capabilities, or the Premium Plan for a complete suite of tools and services. Find the perfect option to elevate your business and start seeing results today!

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Do you have a free trial?

Yes we have a free 30 day trial! We want you to test our product for yourself and see all the features we have.

How do I access the software?

You can access our software from browser and you can also download our ios app from the app store.

How many users can I have on my plan?

Both of our Professional and Premium plans you can have unlimited users on your account.

How do I cancel?

If you don't like our product, you can cancel anytime. Just log in to your account and from your account settings you can select "cancel account". You'll have to pay the remainder of the month if you are on the monthly payment plan.

OPUS Marketing delves into proven strategies and innovative techniques to help health and fitness businesses effectively capture, nurture, and convert leads into lasting customers.



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